Tour d'Asie Centrale


Brief description

Middle East’s one of mostly touristic regions. It combines exquisite mountain, valley, steppe’n desolate nature with rich historical heritage of ancient states. Previously, associated with expanses inhabited by nomadic people and Great Silk Road. This territory acted as a region, where people, goods’n ideas converged from different ends of Eurasian continent. Today, these countries attract large number of tourists. Respectable company Elite Tours International makes huge contribution to tourism enhancement. Agency offers not only Central Asia tours, but also develops new sightseeing routes.

Climate features

Main factors shaping Central Asian climate are low latitudes, cross-sectioned terrain, proximity to deserts, atmospheric circulation characteristics, depending on anticyclone presence in east (winter), likewise, thermal depression over deserts (summer). It’s better obtaining Central Asia travel tours in spring or autumn. Foothills’re characterized by sharp-continental climate, frequent winds change, dryness, temperature inversions, intense springs, however, hot summers, accompanied by frequent dusty fogs. Autumn here is quiet, dry’n warm. Winter’s cold, windy, sometimes comparatively cloudy.

The best tourist places

Being on Central Asia guided tours you will probably find yourself in Almaty, a major hub of regional flights. Once here, be sure to visit Medeo high-altitude ice rink. Skating-rink resembles winter fairy tale. Lusterless, evergreen, covered with snow mountaintops, blue skies, moreover, folks gracefully sliding on skates. You don’t usually need visa for visiting this country, but it’s better check with your Airline. Mideo can be reached by bus or taxi from Almata.

Surely visit Kyrgyzstan. Hidden in Naryn region mountains, 600-year-old stone buildings Tash-Rabat remained in good condition, despite region’s harsh winters. According to legend, there was monastery on ruins site, which later converted into caravan shed. While planning Central Asia group tours, be sure it includes overnight stays inside installed yurtas. Star-sky Located rather low, would make an indelible impression.

Prime tourist city

Bukhara — most beautiful megalopolis within Oriental world. Urban landscape unites both, Past and Present. There’re lot’o good things around conurbation. Preserved ancient minarets, mausoleums, including madrassas. In Middle Ages, there were more than three hundred’n fifty mosques, more’n eighty madrasahs, many’o which perfectly safeguarded till our days. All holy borough roads lead toward prominent pond — Labi House, along with architectural monuments, cozy restaurants, friendly tea houses.

Besides grandiose ensembles, madrasas, mosques’n Kalyan minaret, Central Asia tours packages include visiting ancient Arc fortress. Of course, during its long life, fortification has been completely destroyed, subsequently re-built more than once. It served as a palace for rulers. There is stronghold on a bulk hill, height of which in some places reaches twenty meters. Complete your walk through city’s indoor bazaars, where you could find unusual souvenirs, wonderful gifts. Additional information available on our website. Use the link above.

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