Brief introduction

Tajikistan is a country in Central Asia bordering Afghanistan, China, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Mountain landscape attracts climbing’n hiking fans, so Tajikistan tours are incredibly popular around the world. Flora & Fauna’s very rich, but due to mountains prevalence, mainly, represented by animals’n various plants of this climatic zones. There’re lots of attractions within mountainous countryside, enticing more tourists every year. It’s necessary to note, that Elite Tours International has extensive experience in developing mostly unique expedition routes.

The best time for traveling

Tajikistan tour will take place in the most favorable conditions if scheduled for period from May to mid-October. During this time-period, Pamirs’s highlands remove their snow cover, subsequently open roads toward picturesque hilltop passes, including Pamyr highway. At different times of year, Tajikistan celebrates bright’n rather archetypal holidays: snowdrops holiday, tulips feast, Novruz and others.


Visa-free entry into Tajikistan’s valid for citizens of Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Ukraine including other countries. Additionally, there’s simplified procedure for issuing visas, which has its nuances. Besides, residents of many globe commonwealths can obtain an electronic visa. If you’re going to travel to Tajikistan, our guide’ll tell you more about visa-support system, essential requirements of filling out compulsory application.

In order to improve investment’n tourism level attractiveness of republic for citizens’o individual foreign principalities, explicated entering, stay’n movement conditions provided in Tajikistan. Now, streamlined visas issuance rules apply to eighty-one states. Certain countries’ citizenries, where there is no embassy or consulate of Tajikistan Republic, may receive tourist-visa on arrival. For this purpose, quite necessary to fill in questionnaire on Foreign Affairs Ministry web-site, afterwards pay five US dollars for application-form consideration.

Tourist places

Our company offers tours to Tajikistan, where you’ll have opportunity to get acquainted with the most interesting sights. Everyone’ll visit Khazrati Sheikh architectural multiplex in Istarovshan, an antique settlement in Urha-Tube, huge eastern bazars in Hudjand, Tajikistan’s generously beautiful lake, Iskonderkul, hot mineral Garm-Choshma source’n certainly, famous Gessar fortification. Tajikistan’ll be remembered for breathtaking views of Pamir mountaintops, simplicity, incomprehensible hospitality’o local people, tea houses plus lively oriental markets.

Furthermore, after walking along Pamir Trail, you’d be able to become familiar with unordinary culture of national mountaineers, observe fascinating wide gorges landscapes, snowy peaks, exquisite serene lakes. By choosing tour Tajikistan alongside Pamir tract, you’re guaranteed innumerous lively impressions, thereupon, Pamir’ll stay in your heart forever! Details always available on our website.

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