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It seems incredible, but tourism in our country is developing quite rapidly. Previously, only few journeys were accessible for commonwealth citizens, their number was negligible. Economic upsurge has provided an opportunity to improve tourism infrastructure, hence, as a result, people can travel around world without any problems. Asian destinations are of great popularity among population. These’re also Southern countries resorts, including acquaintance with eastern culture. We should note, that Asia combined travel tours packages include visiting several republics at once, on same trip. If you decide to see all charms’o oriental landscapes, then make sure buying tickets in solid company Elite-Tours International. This reliable agency’s a leader in providing travel services. It also develops unprecedented excursion programs for your travels.

What is Asia

Asia’s superlative continent on Earth, likewise considered Eurasia Peninsula’s part. Westwards, Asian border passes through Ural Mountains. In north, washed by Arctic Ocean waters. Eastwards, — by Pacific seaway. It’s in Asia, where Himalayas, Pamirs get their location. Special combined tours created for travelers, where they will be able see numerous deserts. For example, Karakum or Arabian Peninsula wastelands. There’s also possibility visit sea-resorts located across continent south-eastern precinct.

Central Asia

It is common to refer to Middle Asia as territory, taking its start from Caspian Sea westwards, down to China borders toward east. Therein, located five commonwealths (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan), with area, approaching two percent of total Earth land. Thousands years ago, grandiose cities with beautiful mosques, minarets’n madrassas were erected there. Many monuments have now turned into ruins. Today, combined Asia tours and travels give excursionists tremendous gateway admire masterpieces preserved to our days. On these expeditions, you’ll learn about nature, lifestyle, unusual architectonics of every visited republic. In Uzbekistan, your imagination will be struck by cenotaphs’o ancient religious cultures architecture: Buddhism, Islam, Christianity.

Types of tours

Within Turkmenistan, you’d take trip through Karakum Desert, observe burning gas crater in Darvoz, nicknamed by local people — “Hell’s Gates”, get acquainted with carpet weaving traditions, demonstrating famous Turk men carpets. In Tajikistan, mostly mountainous Central-Asian province, everyone’ll pass over snow-capped peaks foot near Pamirs, from which turbulent rivers merge into region’s largest river, Amu Darya. So, as part’o budget combined tours Asia, tourists’ll see all diversity of culture’n countryside nature, riddled with single thread of mysterious Eastern energy.

Unique natural surroundings, incomparable in its beauty, historical memorials, well-developed transport plus tourism-infrastructure, favorable geographical location, government support for tourism-industry, traditional hospitality, moreover, cordiality of native population — all this makes Central Asia stable world’s touristic center. Boldly book group tours to Asia combined in our company, additional information’s always available on our website.

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