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Kazakhstan is the homeland of nomads, a huge country with diverse landscapes (endless wild steppes, lakes, mighty mountains, canyons, even sea). Capital’s brilliance combines eastern peace plus western luxury, many carefully preserved traditions’n true exotic Asian culture. Today, this country’s increasingly attracting tourists. Kazakhstan tours popularity keeps growing every day.

Kazakhstan ranks ninth in the world (2 million,724.9 thousand square kilometers), with population of only seventeen millions people. It’s the largest country worldwide with no access to oceans. At the same time, territory’s washed by intercontinental seas: Caspian and Aral Sea. Kazakhstan’s nature’s beautiful in its own way. Little harsh, as large country’s part made up of deserts. Despite this, Elite Tours International company managed to organize interesting sightseeing routes, this’s confirmed by programs included in Kazakhstan tour packages.

Variety of tours

Modern Kazakhstan has wide variety of excursions’n schedules: famous high-altitude ice rink Medeo, first in planet launch-site Baikonur, grandiose Charyn gorge — American Grand canyon fellow, unique Sufi monuments, ancient Taraz cities, Shimkent, Turkestan. Felt yurts, healing kumys, boundless steppes — Kazakhstan’ll be remembered for bright’n kinda nomadic culture. This country has tremendous tourism potential, therefore, our Kazakhstan tour operators will develop mostly interesting’n popular journeys.

For example, cultural tours’ll help you get acquainted with main attractions. As part of your expeditions, you can visit remarkable Baykonur Cosmodrome, Altyn Emel National Park, see stunning Charien ravine, examine legendary Medeo’s precipitous ice-rink. You’ll be offered horse backand walks, hiking in picturesque places, music shows, screenings, hunting with catching birds, excursions to primitive people’s rock paintings and much more. Simultaneously, learn peripatetic Kazakhs traditions, cuisine, folk crafts.

Travel Kazakhstan tours offer great opportunities for active sports, extrem-tourism. Trekking’n climbing of different difficulty categories, wayfaring’n skiing, safari, fishing’n falconry — choose whatever you wish’n go for your own discoveries!

The best capital’s sights

It is impossible not to admire capital of Kazakhstan — magnificent Astana, planet’s architectural marvel. One or two days will be enough to see fascinating sites. Everything’s compact, mainly in new city’s part on left bank of Ishim River. If you’re going to EXPO, make sure that you’ve got at least one day more, because there’re just a lot’o breathtaking things. We recommend everyone visiting “Peace & Accord” palace.

Unusual structure towering upon hill on Ishim’s right bank. Looks like well-proportioned pyramid with bottom face length, having sixty-two meters height, includes concert hall, conference rooms, greenhouses, exhibition galleries and much more. Globe’s religions leaders held conferences here, whereas, Montserrat Caballe herself came to opening. Our agency offers principally exclusive Almaty Kazakhstan tours, but if someone desires, we’re ready to develop any expedition, no matter duration, explore places, transportation means.

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