The information on Georgia

Georgia is the country, different the uniqueness, originality and exotic. To this country about one and a half thousand years. Georgians name the country Sakartvelo, including its heavenly spot on the earth and singing of beauty of the earth in the traditional songs.


The republic Georgia settles down in the southeast of Europe and occupies the central and western part of Transcaucasia at east coast of Black sea. Borders in the north on Russia, in the east with Azerbaijan, in the south with Armenia and Turkey. The big territory of Georgia is occupied by mountains, more thirds are occupied by woods. The total area of 69,7 thousand in sq. km. Here lives 4,6 million persons, Georgians – the indigenous population makes 84 % of them, and also Azerbayanians, Armenians, Russian, Ossetins, Greeks etc.


The basic part of the population of Georgia preaches orthodox Christianity. Georgia has accepted Christianity as the state religion in 337 AD Besides here Moslems, Catholics live, etc.


The state language in Georgia considers the Georgian language. The majority of the population well understands Russian and English languages.


Today Georgia involves visitors of the whole world with the cleanest air, unique coniferous district, beauty of mountain lakes, the Alpine meadows and curative mineral sources. Georgia is famous for the the unique architecture, monuments of early Christian culture, numerous resorts. The most popular Georgian resorts: Batumi, Tshaltubo, Sukhumi, Gagra and Borzhomi. In total on the Black Sea coast of Georgia is about 300 mountain, seaside, balneal and mud resorts. In Georgia there are natural monuments, from them: 15 reserves among which Lagodehsky, Borzhomsky, Ritsinsky, lakes, falls, caves, chasm view gorges, mountain tops, the glaciers, which majority it is located in mountain district. Georgia is rich with the architectural constructions. In Tbilisi in visitors it is considered the most popular sacred David’s built in VI century the monastery, and also the Sionsky cathedral constructed in V century and museums which store material sources of last years. It is a museum of the Georgian art with Gold fund, theatre of puppets in a building of the Georgian ground bank of noble family, the former staff of the Caucasian army (1824), hotel Zubalashvili (today the Museum of arts, 1835), the Palace of the deputy (1869), the Museum of national architecture open-air at the Turtle lake here is located, the Tiflissky passage (1901-1902), the Museum of history of Georgia (1929), the Museum of silk, etc.


Ruins of a fortress of Narikala or Shuristsihe IV-VIII centuries, are considered as one of the most ancient monuments of the country, and also the most ancient church in a city St. Maria’s church or Anchishati VI-XVI of centuries, modern residence of the Catholicos of Georgia – a cathedral Sionsky cathedral for the sake of the Assumption of the Mother of god is considered or Sioni V-VII is simple centuries stores one of the main relics of Georgia – a cross of St. Nino.


Tbilisi is the largest city of the country, here there is an Academy of Sciences, HIGH SCHOOLS, theatres, film studios. In Tbilisi there is «a Sacred mountain» Mtatsminda, at its top the television tower, the Pantheon and huge park settles down. The left coast of the Hen includes a monument to the city founder – to Vakhtang Gorgasalu – and an ancient temple of Metehi to which is more than 8 centuries.


Mineral sources – riches of Georgia. Them more than 22 basic a source. Most known – « Zvare », « Sairme », « Nabeglavi », « Borzhomi », etc. Georgia is the supplier of curative mineral water in more than 25 countries of the world.


Georgian cuisine is one of the major parts of the Georgian culture. The local population prefers dishes from the meat, traditional shish kebabs – «mcvadi», the Georgian pelmeni from mutton – «hinkali», a dish from a ham – «lori», smoked Georgian sausages – «kupats» and many other things are considered. The greens are put almost in any dish of Georgian cuisine. Georgians very much love cheese. The tasty cheese pie – «hachapuri» is known for all.


Since ancient times Georgia is famous for the wines. Wine is an integral part of Georgian cuisine. On the Georgian earth in VI millenium B.C. people have learnt to make for the first time wine. Georgian wines differ the unique and original taste. In comparison with French and Italian, local wines are maintained not in glass bottles, and in special jugs called «kvevri». Try Georgian wines, this is a true pleasure!


Hospitality of inhabitants of Georgia was known from last years. Ancient traditions and the special relation to a table and the family centre was for the Georgian sacred. The meal at which there is a visitor, turns to the present feast, without dependence from that or rich the family is poor. Ritual of pronouncing of toasts, an exchange of opinions on the diversified events of life takes place to be today.