Geographical peculiarities of Georgian cuisine

In addition to the above differences related to national culinary school can be identified and a number of others. For example, the Eastern region of the country favored by God – a special thick porridge made from maize. In many homes, this product is usually served with vegetable and meat viands. Also, East Georgia residents eat a lot of fatty meats, and residents of western Georgia focus on turkey and chicken.


Residents of the western regions of the country eaten only non-sharp cheeses, for example, or Imeretian suluguni, residents in eastern Georgia prefer everything is exactly the opposite – Tushino or kobiysky cheese. In this case the two parts of the country there are similar culinary habits. For example, we can talk about a variety of hot sauce made from different spices with nuts. This sauce perfectly complements any meat dish.


It is important to understand that these differences do not divide, and serve as a powerful basis for further culinary experiments. Only fresh, delicious and healthy dishes – that’s the motto, right stored Georgian cooks for centuries.