Each of us many times heard about this meal, some elevated it towards the favorite food rank. Going on a trip toward east it’s necessary remember that there’s huge number of wonderful places to visit in Central Asia, moreover, within any you will be treated exquisite oriental delicacy. And here’s short recipe. Let’s start reading!

Cooking method

Dough-paste compound:
wheat flour two cups,
egg 1 piece, water – 1/2 cup,
salt – nearly pinch.

Gravy sauce (vodja) requires:
lamb – 300 gram (pulp)
vegetable oil – 1/3 glass,
onion, carrot, potatoes & sweet peppers – 1 bit individually,
cabbage – 100 g,
tomatoes – 2 pieces,
radishe – 1/2 particle,
garlic – three cloves,
parsley(green), bay leaf,
red’nd black-peppers (ground) – one dash per item,
sodium chloride suiting taste.

Salt-soda solution:
salt’nd baking soda – approximatly 1/2 spoon,
waters – 1/4 tumbler.

Vaja mixture:
Chop lamb-meat into fractions, every fraction should become no more than twenty-five grams. Tomatos cut like wedges, onions – half rings, dice potatos making cubes, cabbages, carrots, prepared bell-peppers – straw. Fry shallots inward suet over medium heat until golden colors, then add garlics, insert black-pepper’nd tomato, subsequently overcook once again, somewhat proximatly 5 minutes. Afterward append meat, roast couple minute, ensuingly input carrotes, potato, cabages, bell-pepper’nd radishes. Brown till half-finished. Season vegetables including meats using salt-powder, pour little aqua, thereafter still simmer next fifteen minuts. Five minnutes before dish’s cooked – put bay-leaf.

Pastry preparation:
Knead dough-mash from eggs, wheat-flour, salt-water, (fresh, twist insides bowl, cover putting napkin’nd let rest calmly presumably an hour). Grease it pouring salt-solution. Reknead dough-pomace. This’s done in order absorb saline dissolvent. Divide dough-mush obtaining shreds, supplementarily give them small balls shape, accuratly roll out ropes, comparatively pencil size. Stretch bar none rope, take both ends slowly, hit table’s middle, momentarily fold e’ry harness in half’nd do mentioned operation anew. Likewise overlap twice-again, quietly pull noodles. Resulting noodles’re folded four time, eventually boiled inside salted-water as regular noodle, ten-fifteen minnuts. Afterwards, dump on colander, rinse well under boiled-water (cold), finally drop upon plate intended specifically for lagmon. Alternate noodlle’nd voja. When serving food-course onto table sprinkle greens. Preferably serve vinegar’nd minced black pepper suggesting dish. Acquiring travel tickets, please contact Uzbekistan tour agency, find all information checking our website.