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Regarding purchasing train tickets to Uzbekistan, you can contact by phone number:

                                   ÐšÐ°Ñ€Ñ‚инки по запросу трубка телефона +99878 150-66-77  и  +99878 129-77-77

Joint-stock company “Uzjeldorpass”, founded in 2002, is part of “Uzbekiston Temir Yullayri” system. Obligation transport passengers has been assigned to it. Large Uzbekistan travel agencies connect people with comfortable high-speed locomotives. They run alongside budgetary conventional types. Such fast-moving rail conveyance movements include “Afrosiab”, “Shark”, “Nasaf”.

Railroads total length along Uzbekistan’s exceeds 6020 kilometres. 4230 kilometre roads present common usage. Approximately fifteen per cent of tracks’re electrified. “Uzbekisten Timir Yollayri” — country’s only production, economic transporting & development complex. Carries out both passenger-transportation, comprising economical purpose services.

Tourist rail-routes in country:

“Afrasiab” — uninterrupted direction locomotive.

Train-wagon numbered No060f/ 059f serves Tashkent-Andijan course.

“Shork” — branded cruising railroad shuttle-train.

“Nosaf” — alternative type corporate composition intercity-train.

No661/662, travels at night, rout Toshkent — Bukhara.

No055/056, 057/058 night-journey, off capital toward Urgench’n back.

“Afsona” — tourist-train launched recently.

Useful instructions about R/W wayfarings.

Hand luggage — how many kilograms permitted to carry? It’s permissible for each passenger conduct up till thirty-eight kilogram hand-luggage. However, suitcases’ amount, unlike air expedition, isn’t of fundamental importance.

Rail-ticket, how decipher it correctly?

Железнодорожные билеты в Узбекистан

  1. Original location departure date specified;
  2. Shipping start-time;
  3. Carriage’s number-plate;
  4. Itinerants’ quantity;
  5. Wagon-train number plate;
  6. From which point leaves;
  7. Passenger-seat, bed numeral;
  8. Voyager’s personal data, passport series, name;
  9. Arrival-date indication;
  10. Arriving-time signification.

Ticket classes:

When you join Uzbekistan tour, find out rail-travelling conditions in advance. Depending on organization sending railway-train, various classification coupons can be sold. There’re some Afrasyab places varieties:

VIP — allocated car, where eleven leather-seats installed;

Business class — twenty-seven seats;

Economy — thirty-six wayfarer chairs provided;

“Shark”’n Nassaf trains adduce ensuing proposal:

SV — presented by separate two soft beds compartments;

First category — presents van, affording 36 leather seating-chairs;

Second level — fifty-six simple drop-seats inside carriage;

Evening rail-rout destination:

Classic — compartment-chamber includes twosome separated sleeping sections;

Drowing room — consists standard foursome bedsteads compartment;

Reserved-seat — an undivided walled partition, containing 4 couchettes;

Rates and discounts:

Uzbekistan raiways provide following restrictions:

E’ry adult surveyor allowed bring child under five years old registring single transition credential, without providing individualized place;

If customer traverses with more than one juvenile, aging less’en 5, free-travel right doesn’t refer other children. They will have obtained coupon, giving fifty percent discount. In this case, every child’ll get given individual seat;

Adolescents, below age of ten entitled passage by paying half fare.

Additional information concerning rail-transference operating.

Commonwealth traveling by train’ll become much higher convenient than by automobile. Rail-transport like Afrosiob, beforementioned Sherk makes regular courses towards mostly touristic cities around Uzbekystan — primarily Bukhora, Teshkent, certainly, Samarkand.

Respectable traversing firm Elite Tours International hast opportunity buy anyone travel-pass document for any transferring kind. Including rail-line, wich deliver it directly to your hostel accommodation. Implement everything promptly, quite essential make booking few days before decampment. If delivery’s necessary across our state’s metropolis, it’d take minimun three working-days. Relative other conurbations — 5 daytimes.

Top train destinations.

Vacationists may highlight most popular Uzbek trips itinerary checklist:

Capital-city — Samorkand

Tashkient — Bukharo

Tour — Samerkand — Buhara

Tashkeint — Urghench

City-capital — Kazakh megalopolis Almaty

No less prominent cruise — Bukhara-Khiva

Meetings and send-off at airports, railway-stations

In order comfortably get to hotels from airport or train-station, use our company’s transfer support offers. We represent reliable employees who’ll dispatch anybody to desired destination-terminal safely plus, guarantee absolute comfort. Applying transfer-services, you’ll experience sufficiency, amplest contentment at highest degree. Ther’re other ways depart air-port or station: taxi. Advisable choosing official taxi-services, demonstrating all their attributes.

Rail-request forms.

Everybody could also book train-tickets all round domain through suggested consortium. Especially accommodating do operation implementing electronic form. Incredibly, using Internet, everyone wouldn’t even need leave his cozy apartment in Tashkent hotel or another city. Reservation payment would additionally be made activating CLICK-service.

Compulsary, apply for a train-ticket from Tashkent at least 24-hours before leaving on weekdays. Fourty-eight hours on weekends. If application submitted off different conurbation, it’ll be considered within four twenty-four hours.