Georgian wine-making history and traditions

Not every branch of agriculture can boast that it is rightly considered one of the national pride of the country. Historians say that the first vineyards appeared on Georgian territory a few thousand years ago. Domestic masters were able to develop more than five hundred different varieties of grapes, gave the world a great variety of unique wines and champagne.


Georgian wine industry, based on ancient traditions and production technology, was able to conquer many countries with its products, including not only sparkling wines, but white wine. Tasters around the world do not get tired to emphasize the special flavor and taste of Georgian wines. For example, first-class grapes used for making “Majari”, which has a unique flavor. Drink the wine must be immediately after collection and bottling.


Taste traditional Georgian wine quality is largely dependent on the place where the grapes were harvested. Over the years, each region of Georgia was able to find a niche through which a variety of wines have become a national hallmark of the country. The oldest winery in the country are located in Kakheti. Today, this area is famous for different varieties of red grape drink:

  • Saperavi;
  • Cabernet;
  • Rkatsiteli;
  • Khikhvi.


Fans of sparkling wine can be enjoyed in Georgia “Atenuri” produced from different varieties of grapes grown in Ateni Gorge:

  • Chinuri;
  • Gorouli;
  • Mivane.


Also, these grapes are produced in the western regions of the country:

  • Imereti;
  • Samegrelo;
  • Houri;
  • Adjara;
  • Racha-Lechkhumi.


Locality Racha-Lechkhumi is known for its sparkling cutlery and semisweet wines. One of the most famous brands of Georgian wine is also produced here – “Ojaleshi”. Many international experts say that the Georgian wine-makers of the countries in the region can truly compete with their French colleagues.


Wine-making has long been not just a high-yielding industrial industries, as part of the national culture. Today, almost every Georgian house you can find a wine, created by centuries-old recipes. It should be noted that not all wine is created exclusively for subsequent sale. Many Georgians prefer to make wine for their own collection.


After cooking, the house wine is placed in special vessels made of clay – kveri. To the wine got a really good taste, kveri buried in the ground. Each type of wine has its period of maturation, after which you can safely proceed to its tasting. Direct tasting process involves many rituals and traditions.