Kitchen and restaurants

A variety of meat dishes, fish dishes and vegetable dishes, complemented by fragrant greens with a lot of spices – a delicious variety of cuisine in Azerbaijan.

The first and second dishes can replace each other. In many dishes, chopped fat is laid in the smallest pieces, as the main feature of Azerbaijani liquid foods. Flour first dishes and dishes made of sour milk or katyka are widespread.

Of mutton are the second dishes – this is also a national characteristic. No exception is poultry meat and game, where vegetables and rice serve as side dishes. But when it comes to the cuisine of Azerbaijan, then to any person comes to mind the word pilaf. It is one of the most common dishes, having more than 40 cooking recipes.

Special attention is paid also to shish kebabs, the famous lyulya-kebab, dolma from the leaves of grapes. Gourmets recommend to try a grill from the ribs of lamb. Very tasty cakes – gutaba. They are prepared with greens, cottage cheese, meat and saj – slices of lamb with vegetable assortment. Method of preparation – on charcoal in a frying pan of flat shape.

From sweet dishes you can list a small amount – it is a jellied fig (drink), sherbet, kozinaki, halva, rahat-lukum, baklava. The country has adopted certain traditions of serving dishes. First of all, black tea is served, followed by a second course. After the lunch, a dairy soup with greens is served. At each corner in Azerbaijan, you can see a sign of “chayhana.”

They are served in a small glass cup-armudi (pear-shaped) tea with Baku baklava, jam from white cherries, figs and other local fruits.