At the junction of Europe and Asia, basking in the waters of the Caspian Sea, is located on 86.6 km2 of centuries-old Azerbaijan. Half of its vast territory is occupied by mighty mountains. Plains of plain terrain smoothly pass to the foot of the mountain chain of the Caucasus and Talysh. The mountains of Azerbaijan are covered with shady forests. The lakes of Azerbaijan, such as Batabat, Miguel, Maralgol, etc., are also perfect in their beauty.


The capital of the state is the political, administrative and cultural center – Baku. The city is famous for the Baku port, which ensures the development of the country’s trade.


The population of Azerbaijan is 9,235 people. Monetary unit of manat. Being a Muslim state, Azerbaijan honors and respects the traditions and customs that the ancient inhabitants of the country used.


The state symbols of Azerbaijan are simple, but it has a great semantic meaning. There are three horizontal stripes on the emblem of the state: blue is a symbol of Turkic origin, red is the modernization of society and the development of democracy, and green, as a sign of belonging to an Islamic civilization. On the middle lane is a crescent with an eight-pointed star.


The coat of arms shows a large white star, on which is painted a red fire, green ears and branches of oak on the sides. The star is on a round shield, which symbolizes the military strength and heroism of the people.


An unusual color is full of the architecture of Azerbaijan – these are excellent monuments of antiquity, castles that have preserved the architecture of the Middle Ages, fortress structures made of stone. Azerbaijan is famous for its memorable mausoleums and a lot of historical museums, eastern baths and caravanserais.


The state is very well-developed trade, the country is famous for its magnificent carpets, mainly produced by the inhabitants of Cuba, Shirvani, Ganja, and Kazakh.


Despite the past centuries, the tradition of decorating the walls of apartment houses and architectural masterpieces with oriental ornaments has been preserved, many masters still practice the manufacture of women’s ornaments from copper, carvings on wood and stone.


Great contribution to the development of industry and the creation of favorable conditions for the development of the economy is taken by Azerbaijan with the number of large countries of the world community.


Cities of Azerbaijan


According to the history, the name of the city of Baku means the city of winds. Baku is an oil dwelling of Azerbaijan, and any kind of industry of this city is somehow connected with the extraction or processing of oil.


The city bears a historical value due to the extraordinary beauty of a whole complex of unique monuments, such as the minaret of Sinyk Kala, the Maiden Tower, the Duma Mosque. One of the city’s attractions is the romantic embankment of Baku and the Memory Alley – a place where the memory of many famous people of Azerbaijan is honored.


The greenery of the gardens and vineyard covers the territory of another beautiful city of Azerbaijan Ganja. According to the population, Ganja is second only to Baku. In 1935, the city was known as Kirovabad, but with the acquisition of independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the city was returned to its historical name.


Modern Ganja is famous for the predominance of modernity in architecture, buildings and cultural centers are distinguished by their monumental and refined masters working on stone and glass.


Despite modern construction, Ganja has not lost its place in the chain of magnificent Asian cities. Restaurants and cafes that provide menus for more than 1000 oriental dishes, with the refinement of cognac and wine varieties, hotels, nightclubs and entertainment centers of the city become an unusual part of the tourist trip, attracting increasing attention of foreign citizens to the rich history of the city and modern life in it.


A large-scale industry is the city of Sumgait, which grew out of a small village through which trade routes had previously passed.


One of the largest cities of Azerbaijan is the city of Sheki, which is located 30 km from Vartashen. Sheki is inextricably linked with the capital of Baku by a number of highways and airlines, which justifies its great popularity among tourists. On the north-western side of Azerbaijan is a small town of Kakha. With a population of about 5.6 people, the city is famous for its variety of fruits, cozy courtyards set on stone pillars, impeccably finished with tiled roofs, stone fences and beautiful flowers. The city is like a picture from the compositions of famous artists, attracts with its beauty and cosiness.


Having traveled 30 kilometers from Kakha, the city of Zagatala will open before us, which settled on the right bank of Talachay at an altitude of 543 meters above sea level. In Zakataly there is an international camp and a tourist base. On the territory of the city, it is easy to see the predominance of beautiful hazelnut, walnut, apple, dogwood, and persimmon gardens.


Having visited Azerbaijan, one can not help noticing that this is an industrial-agrarian country with a highly developed industry and diversified economy, with a developed economy, where the key roles are played by oil and gas, chemical mining, engineering, food and light industries.