Semurg Hotel

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8 Muminov Str., Bukhara
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Semurg Hotel

Semurg – is an ancient symbol of immortality, revival, symbol of the Sun. This mythological bird is colored with golden and red colors symbolizing the rising Sun. People believed that Semurg lived in Arabic deserts and its life lasted 500 years.
Semurg-bird is considered to be the most amazing of all the celestial birds. This bird does not breed like all the other birds, but it revives from its own ashes after the death. They say that this bird is the only one in nature that is why it is seen very rarely.
In art and literature Semurg is a symbol of revival – of a person or intention – or re-creation after destruction. Appearance of Semurg was a sign of the Great Peace onset in the sub-celestial world.
Date of the Semurg Hotel’s re-birth is April 3, 2005. Nowadays, the Semurg Hotel is a modern, five-storied three-star hotel of business-class, having the hotel-capacity of 150 residents at a time.

Informations générales

  •  laundry
  •  twenty-four-hour security parking area
  •  individual safe-boxes
  •  exchange office
  •  local and long-distance telephone service
  •  meeting and seeing off at the airport and the railway station
  •  postal services
  •  professional massage and hairdresser services
  •  Finnish bath with a pool
  •  outdoor pool
  •  tennis court and sports complex in front of the hotel
  •  restaurant




  •  Internet and email
  •  Faxing and copying
  •  Hotel reservations in any cities of the Republic
  •  Booking and delivering air- and railway tickets in all directions
  •   Cable TV
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