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Бухара, в 50 метрах от ансамбля Ляби-Хауз
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Hotel “ANOR” has seventeen rooms, the interior of which combines classic and contemporary styles. Bedroom windows overlook historic city’s part, as well as inner spacious courtyard.

Each room is equipped with climate control, mini-bar, satellite television, digital telephony & wireless internet access. Everyone may use following services: gym, free parking-place, round-the-clock security, outdoor video surveillance, room-service.

Hostel proposes restaurant of Eastern plus European cuisine, which amalgamates refined atmosphere, high level servicing, supplementary varied comestibles’ assortment. On third floor there’s a terrace performing magnificent view, exposing antiquated town’s locality. Here, anybody can freshen up using refreshments, moreover, enjoy scenery.

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Good location. Our Bukhara hotel situated in Old conurbation’s heart, fifty meters from Labia House Ensemble, madrassa Kukeldash, including famous monument dedicated to Nasreddin Afandi. We’re located within ancient Buhara center, in immediate proximity to municipality’s architectural, important historical heritage. In walking distance there’re:

Medical facility;





Accommodation types

Anor-Hotel offers 17 homelike apartments, from eighteen to twenty-five square meter, supplied with everything people need for comfortable lodging. Also, SNG, DBL, TWIN types are available.

Hotel service

There is cost-effective accommodation involving breakfast. Restaurant’n veranda stay open twenty-four hours a day. Visitors have an opportunity to submit meals into apartment, along with serving food in lunchboxes, for guests who skip morning meal. Today, “ANOR”‘s place that meets superior modern standards. Hotel’s focused on satisfying customers, who prefer variety of tastes. Always ready to give warm welcoming, find individual approach toward anyone. Additionally, suitable for both business travel and long-term holidays in megalopolis. For additional information contact respectable company Elite Tours International.

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