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Tremendous Silk Road’s considered mostly famous trade route throughout human history. Long time ago, merchants passed it from Pacific Ocean coasts to Mediterranean Sea. Alongside, through space & times, cities including entire civilizations had been born, blossomed and died. Nowadays, Tashkent travel agencies provides opportunity to order any tour along this itinerary. Central Asia turned out to be a crossroads of main intercontinental trading areas. Tradesmen, artisans, scientists, countless musicians from different countries kept coming here. That’s why large ancient conurbations of our region appeared there. Today, Silken Roadway attracts more tourists from all over planet. Depending on which city you’re going through, you’ll have to stay in numerous hotel complexes. All hostels represent the highest service quality, moreover, meet world standards. The best choice among Samarkand hotels — Resistant Plaza. Very convenient location, right inside city’s heart. Each tourist will be able to pick up suitable room. Within Bukhara, it’s recommended stay at Bibi-Hanim-Hotel. Located near old town, not far from principal mosque. It takes only three minutes walk, using leisurely step to reach Central-Square. You will be surprised by inexpensive rates plus absolute homelike comfort. Being on Uzbekistan tour, everyone would certainly find himself around Tashkent. Capital’s also next eminent Tussock Way destination. Dozens of upscale hotel-complexes are waiting for you. Contact Elite Tours International, eagerly book apartment in advance. Have a nice holiday!

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