Sanatorium “Oltinsoy”

2 stars
Navoi region, Khatirchi area Oltinsoy, village Chilash
170.00 $

Those with serious violations of the musculoskeletal system, endocrine and nervous system, have dermatological problems and so on should buy a voucher to this resort. This famous resort is located approximately 100 kilometers from the municipality of Navoi. Maximum altitude here reaches almost four hundred meters above sea level.

Employees of this sanatorium focus more on the world famous mineral springs, which are famous for their healing properties since 1982, when it was here the first seven wells were dug. Big difference in depths varying from sixty to a hundred to almost two hundred and fifty meters makes it possible to obtain water with different levels of mineral content, as well as other substances contained:

1. Selena;

2. Copper;

3. Zinc;

4. Fluorine and others.

Numerous domestic and foreign examinations of water samples have shown that the content of useful components in them allows us firmly say about its quality therapeutic effect. According to the international classification system of mineral water, these sources shall be allocated to the nitrogen thermal waters with silicon content. They should be used for contrast showers, baths, which positively affect the total relaxation of the nervous state.

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3х местный стандарт
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