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Халел Досмухамедулы ул.11, 010001 Астана, Казахстан
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Relatively new way spend time in Astana is hostel-house – a form of hotel business that hast appeared quite recently. Unlike hotels, where accommodation payment includes services which, in fact, guests don’t need, described hosteling option has opportunity suggesting dwellers select their personal necessary options checklist. That’s why any Kazakhstan tour operator will be glad to offer you stay herein. Options-list of available conveniences here involves:
Free guest parking;
Internet access;
Satellite, including cable TV;
Light breakfast;
Fresh press delivery for people who want always know latest Astana news;
Air conditioning;
Laundry, so on.

According lodgers wish, they may choose their own eating place. Not far from institution there’re several restaurants, numerous cafes. There’s additonally public transport stop near building, whitch makes it much easier moving around city. Everyone can book room hereabouts just by contacting administration of hotel-institution. Average residing cost about fifty dollars.

It’s supplementarily recommended stay overhere for those who came to Kazahstan as participant in important negotiations or delegation part. Administration’s happy provide well-equipped hall where anyone could hold businesses talks, meetings, appointed seminars. Also hereabout you’ll find all compulsory office, cutting-edge computer equipment. Therefore, if Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan travelling inextricably linked with inexpensive rest and possibility to work, then without any hesitation enjoy this guest house.


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