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Khorezm region., Hankinsky district
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If you are concerned about cardiovascular pain and there are problems with muscle, nerve, capillary, bone system, urological, gynecological abnormalities, you should visit this health center. This is a true spa resort which meets all modern and architectural requirements. The sanatorium complex includes several medical and hotel buildings, equipped with the necessary amenities.   Guests have an opportunity here to take advantage of the swimming pool or sauna, get expert help in eliminating the problems associated with various organic systems. For therapeutic purposes, is actively used an ancient mineral spring, which is saturated with: 1. Bromine; 2. Iodine; 3. Micronutrients.   Curative water is used in dietary purposes, for the preparation of healing baths, for a contrast shower. The modern physiotherapy also plays a leading trend in the treatment process: 1. Herbal medicine; 2. Acupuncture; 3. Specialized diets; 4. Physical exercise; 5. Laser therapy; 6. Various kinds of massage.   In addition to extensive concert, excursion and sports programs, guests are invited to stroll through the largest winter garden.

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