Sanatorium “Chatkal”

3 stars
Tashkent region, Gazalkent Street. Ibn Sina
23.00 $

This institution of wide profile, created by the National Committee of Geology in 1975, opened its doors in a cozy corner of Tashkent region. Over the years of its existence, this resort was able to accumulate many effective methods and collect truly professional team of like-minded doctors.


A visit to this medical institution with a long history is recommended to patients who need the treatment of ailments associated soda, CAS, gastrointestinal, dermatological problems, gynecological disorders, and so on. An integrated approach is based on the following mandatory rules:

  • Fresh air, supplemented by a mild climate;
  • Proper and prompt diagnosis of the actual state of the patient;
  • The right chosen diet;
  • Sport physiotherapy;
  • Optimal physical procedure;


The total area of ​​the hospital, drowning in the many different species of trees, is more than twelve hectares. Vacationers have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of parks, pavilions, a large terrarium, an aquarium with beautiful fish.

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