Resort “Heaven”

1 star
Tashkent region, Bostanlyk district, Chimgan tract, Ugam-Chatkal National Park
53.00 $

In the village of Chimgan he opened the doors of a new resort “Heaven.” Three cottages, log cabins are made ​​of pine forests of Arkhangelsk, renowned healing powers.The reason is simple: the pine – wood, free flowing of air, saturated with the healing power of the coniferous forest. The rooms are always easy to breathe, never feel the humidity, so that the watch, what to sleep in such a situation will only pleasure. The oxygen balance is maintained and interiors – cotton bedding, linen curtains, carpets samotkanye, ecological furniture. Admire mountain scenery can be a variety of ways – horse riding, speed boat riding, even helicopter flights. In “Heaven” you can get a closer look from the sky map – here set the telescope, looking at which you open a new school with a well-known stars and planets. Swimming pools, sauna, quad bikes, and board games – it is here that you can feel in the seventh heaven of happiness overflowing heart.


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