Kuk suv resort

1 star
Bostanlyk district, Tashkent region
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«Kuk suv resort» is located in the village of Brichmulla that is in Bostanlik district of Tashkent region, near the Charvak reservoir.


We offer recreation area «Kuk suv resort» where you can hold corporate events, conferences, festivals, various presentations and trainings. All this is available in the mountains of Tashkent region, where a team of professional managers can quickly help you to conduct or organize any event.
Benefits «Kuk suv resort» is:

  • Professional knowledge in the field of Event Management services. The experience of three years and more than 3 000 thousand visitors that from year to year are choosing recreation area «Kuk suv resort».
  • High service it is a daily cleaning service, excellent and tasty food which is prepared the best chefs of the restaurant «Ezidiyor». Employees will find an individual approach to each visitor in recreation area.
  • Recreation area «Kuk suv resort» is a 3-star rest area located in an ecologically clean area, on the shore of the Charvak reservoir.


This is a safe recreational area, guarded around the clock «Sheriff» – special professional security service.


On the territory there are:

  • 15 cottages 4 types;
  • 4 swimming pools;
  • Sports ground, where you can enjoy sports, wellness exercise or entertainment games;
  • Outdoor cinema, where under the stars, you can enjoy movies;
  • Dance floor




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