Meridian Hotel

4 stars
90.00 $

Meridian Hotel is situated in Termez, 1 kilometer away from the city center, 2 kilometers away from train station and 7 kilometers away from the airport. Near the hotel is situated a bus station that offers rides to different cities; bazaar. 9 kilometers from the city there is a border with Afghanistan.


Building of this four star hotel was planned in 2003 in cooperation with German company Nemus GmbH. In 2005 building was finished and the hotel was ready to accommodate its first guests.


The hotel has the following facilities: well-equipped fitness center, fitness bar, sauna, indoor pool, free massage, barber shop banquet hall and conference call. Banquet hall can accommodate maximum 200 guests. Conference hall is equipped with everything for conferences and can accommodate maximum 30 people.


On the first floor of the hotel there is a special room for breakfast and lobby bar that can accommodate up to 40 people;

On the second floor there is a welcome bar (for 30 people) and the restaurant (for 170 people);

On the 6th floor there is a bar that is works seasonally and can accommodate up to 180 people.

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