Panorama Grand

4 stars
Gagarin St. 47, Samarkand, city centerг.
92.00 $

In Samarkand on Gagarin street, the hotel is situated 47 Grand Street – one of the favorite destinations of tourists with their families. Surrounded by a garden, the hotel is literally surrounded by greenery – first seedlings planted this magnificence himself Amir Timur.


This is a unique property in its custody is the main building housing are  rooms – from singles to elegantly made ​​suites and VIP-house , where residents can stay in two-story apartment (4), n Disturb vacation each other, each will have a separate access to the flower-filled garden. Splendor is added every detail – exquisite lamps, beautiful paintings, ganch and butler, professional performing assigned duties.


Panorama guests can walk freely under the green canopy, 6 acres of natural area and is in the possession of the hotel. Four Star awarded Panorama, can also be attributed to each room, Here every thing is perfect with visitor – from velvety slippers and white gowns, to video equipment and a multi-channel TV. The Panorama has and business area – the room in which conducted the most important confidential negotiations, as well as comfortable conference room – tables can be placed as a standard letter P, and more free options are also participants of the event is sure to be served coffee break.



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Double standard room
Double standard room
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