Health center “Chimgan Oromgohi”

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Pension Chimgan Uzbekistan
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In Chimgan welcomes its visitors Chimgan Oromgohi rehabilitation center, which many remember under a different name – Tourist Complex Chimgan. Three nine-storey building offering 11 rooms on each span. The administrative unit is located on the ground floor, there is also a police station, settled accounting matters, and is also open to guests’s room. The second flight is waiting for its gourmet fine restaurant, but the views of cinema lovers will certainly enjoy the third flight – there’s modern cinema.

Own the glory went to the cottages – soft furnishings, furnishings, tableware and silence around, broken only by the singing of birds or insects chirping. Total of nine cottages – can accommodate them four guests. It also offered resettlement Green Hotel – building in three flights, the last of which was cast into a restaurant. And here it feels refined approach to decoration, simplicity and comfort prevailing atmosphere, home hospitality. For the recovery and to having fun there is sauna, tennis, a bar and a disco.

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