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The village of Chimgan was supposedly founded by nomads – this can be told by every local resident. Indescribable beauty of the spreading nature – mountain peaks, plains, streaming waterfalls, a reservoir and the most popular occupation is fishing. Streams of both regular tourists and those to whom the Chimgan open spaces open for the first time flow here. The road itself also favors – small difficulties arise only in the spring (due to landslides), or in winter, when unexpected avalanches descend from the mountains.


Attractive Chimgan is not only a unique nature, many of the visitors have heard about another place. In the low place – in the Lower Aul – the guests are cordially opened the doors of the house of Rosa Miralieva. One has only to imagine: from the main modern highway to the house there is a path, sinking in hazel. Not far away is an ancient village cemetery, around which many legends are also built. And from the house of Rosa to the river, which can be seen from the windows, stretches an apple orchard, enchanting with spring flowering and saturating the autumn fruits. The hostess is a former nurse, her husband is a veterinarian, and behind the shoulders of four innumerable riches are four children and two growing grandchildren. In two rooms, where up to 10 people can be accommodated, home hospitality and comfort of the Kazakh hearth are felt.


This is where you can taste unsurpassed dishes, eating directly on the floor, and then relax on the trestles near ponds where you can endlessly watch the game of small fish. The crowns of the hazel grove overshadow too hot sun rays, and the spring helps to quench your thirst, ringing out from under the earth and striving straight into the river. Rosa is known as the master’s mistress – many go to her to visit only to taste prepared by the owner of the food.

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