Guest house of the Kadyrov family (Kokand)

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Kokand, st. Azik-Tepa, 56
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This bright and soulful house stands in the mahalla. You will easily find it, focusing on the Silicate Plant. The family of Kadyrovs consists of a married couple of owners, the eldest son with his wife, daughter and youngest son. However, do not be afraid that you will get into the communal. The guest house is separated by a wide paved courtyard from the building where the host family lives.


There are not many rooms for living – only three: single and two double. For meals, there is an indoor pavilion on the street where they dine in the summer. On colder days, the feast is transferred to a large hall inside the house. There is a dining table for a dozen people. In addition, there is a spacious couch in the yard. Dinner with the host family will be entertaining and fun. The head of the family will not let you be bored. Funny events and instructive stories will amuse all the guests!


If you need privacy or scheduled business negotiations, then the table for the required number of people will be covered in the house.


Only two rooms of this mini-hotel are equipped with TVs. Also inside is a bathroom.

Senior Kadyrov owns a Daewoo “Nexia” car, where he can meet you, take you or simply ride around the historical places of Kokand.


Mini-hotel Kadyrov has no increased service, but here people find a very warm and kindhearted reception that will remain in your memory forever.

  •   Breakfast
  •   Cable TV
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