Green Canyon

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R-10, Yanghikurgan, Узбекистан
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In the village Brichmulla is one of the most popular holiday homes Green Canyon, are equally in demand among both local and visiting foreigners. Green Canyon is often referred to as a large terrace, because it is located at a height, he seemed to form a viewing platform with opening eyes the charms of this region. This splendor planted trees with different rarity and beauty. These gorgeous flower beds, through which Green Canyon is literally immersed in chic colors. This clean streams near the paths that bring cool and soothing murmur of her. This is furniture that reigns indoors – space, comfort, comfort. Almost all apartments come with balconies, where guests can enjoy drinks with fruit in the evening or early morning to meet the sun.

In Green Canyon and swimming pools for adults and children, thanks to modern water filter which does not require chlorination. Unique dishes available daily ready to please the chef. If a vacationer prefers a specific diet, it can simply pass the chief products, and so he will cook any of them pudding. Green Canyon – this is the perfect family vacation.

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