Green Canyon

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In Brichmulla village, which is famous for its numerous holiday zones, located one of the most popular country houses Green Canyon. This institution is in demand among country citizens, foreign travelers who come trip to Uzbekistan. Complex also received name “Big Terrace”, due to its location on high-altitude territory. As a result, huge viewing platform created, from where amazing landscapes of surrounding nature open up.

Here, visitors enjoy greenery planted in abundance. Special aroma created by huge beds of beautiful flowers. Near numerous paths run small streams with mountain water, which gives coolness on hot days. Rooms for guests prepared comfortable furniture sets that create special soothing atmosphere. On balcony that each apartment has, visitors can have evening tea party, fresh fruit.

Children’s and adult pools have modern water filters that do not require chlorination procedure. Every day, qualified culinary specialists are ready surprise everyone with delicious local/ international cuisine dishes. There is also special diet menu.

Here everyone will find a favorite activity with health benefits.

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