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TAJiKiSTAN 4 Days and 3 night’s
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  • Duration:4 Days and 3 night’s
  • Max:2people

Duration:4 Days and 3 night’s

Day 1
Sari Osyo-Dushanbe

Passing Uzbek-Tajik “Saryosiyo” border and after border formalities change transport and guide and drive to Dushanbe (80 km). Visiting the Museum of National Antiquities, which opened in 2001. The exhibits in this museum are mostly from Tajikistan’s pre-Islamic civilizations (Greek/ Bactrian, Buddhist, Hindu and Zoroastrian). The centerpiece is the 14m reclining Buddha in Nirvana. Since the tragic destruction of the Bamiyan statues in Afghanistan, this is the largest surviving Buddha statue in Central Asia. Visiting the Bazar of Dushanbe. Dinner.

Accomodation in a Taj Palace**** Hotel.

80km L/D
Day 2

Breakfast. Drive to Penjikent (275 km) through Istiklol Tunnel. Lunch. Visit the ancient city of Panjikent which was former Sogdian city. Visit the excavation and walk in the ruins of Panjikent. Panjikent was destroyed at the 8’th century by the Arab conquest. Penjikent is well known as the Pompeii of central Asia. Visiting Sarazm (location 15km west of Penjikent) the ancient city. The settlement consist’s of a hill 400- 800 m. wide, stretching about 1,5km from east to west situated on a terrace of the left bank of the river Zerafshan. The total area of the site is more than 100 hectares. In the northern and western parts there are now the villages of Sahibnazar and Gurach and in the north eastern part Avazali. Crops are grown in significant portion of this site. A part of Sarazm which remains undisturbed is about 30 hectares. Research gives

ground for the opinion that the ancient settlement existed here for about one and a half millennia from 3,400 and 2,000 B.C. Numerous

houses, religious buildings and places where excavated in Sarazm. A great number of articles made of copper, bronze, lead, silver and gold. Dinner. Accommodation in a guest house.

Day 3

Breakfast. Drive to Khujand through Shahristan Pass (3378m.)300km. Khujand is situated in the north of Tajikistan, and is one of its most ancient cities, founded about 2,300 years ago during the time of Alexander the Great. According to Greek historians, in 329 B.C. Alexander the Great founded a fortress on the river Tanais or Yaksart (at present days we call it Syr-Darya river), which formed a natural border for his empire. Visit the fortress by the Syr Darya river and the Khujand ethnographic museum and take a walk around the Panjshanbe Bazar and madrasa of Sheikh Muslihiddin. Dinner in National Restaurant “Zaytun”.

170km B/L/D
Day 4
Khujand-Oybek border

Breakfast. Drive to Tajik-Uzbek border Oybek (90 km).

90km B


The tour package includes:

Vehicle 4WD (full air condition system) and driver, all accommodation and fullboard (3 meals a day) within programme, English-German speaking guide.

 Single supplement for Taj Palace**** 60$ Single supplement for Sogd Hotel***30$



Total price by Land Cruiser 105 4×4.


In USD 1880
Per Person 940
Per Person/day 235
# of vehicles 1 Land Cruiser 105

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