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Near the Chigmana, among striking beauty of the mountain scenery, it is a complex of Green Paradise. This hotel in Uzbekistan can be proud of unrivaled décor, which is engaged in the development of real professionals. Green Paradise Apartments are made ​​in the same style with the surrounding splendor, as if continuing the natural line and having continued with a series of mountain ranges. Complex Rooms are designed for different guest – there are couples to settle, relax newlyweds reside businessmen or high-ranking guests. I do not have doubt that the service in Green Paradise is also at the highest level.


It features a restaurant and hotel – the strict Italian atmosphere transports guests to a completely different atmosphere filled with comfort, comfort, sophistication and charm. Despite such a high standard, the cost of food has always amazed. Do residents will have the opportunity to try different delicacies prepared by the best chefs invited? Here we will be pleased to hold a celebration, or just curl up with a dear person. Staff will try all means to fill your even the most enjoyable moments, having pleased a compliment from the boss. Within the complex are lots of fun activities are also full of evening leisure travelers. The cost can vary – depending on the season visit, but if you rest on last minute, the price will be affordable for everyone.

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