Elegant Vella

3 stars
47.00 $
In Andijan in Bobur Avenue, 40 in sufficiently close proximity of the main transport hubs of the city – the airport and train station is located friendly hotel Vella Elegant, which welcomes guests .
Built in a modern style, it offers travelers 14 beautiful rooms – four are made in the normal execution, five junior suites and the same with enhanced comfort – suites. Junior Suites are one room, but there is everything you need – cabinets, tables, chairs, tables, and in the suites, which are the size of exactly twice as much as a living room and a minibar. You can leave valuables and documents in a safe, established at the reception, which is free for guests (as well as a great breakfast).
If you want pamper yourself with culinary delights you can visit a beautifully designed restaurant, which serves traditional masters of dishes of European and national cuisine. You can improve your health professional offers a sauna and produce clean clothes an inexpensive laundry. By the hotel is convenient to drive up, thanks to a spacious parking lot. Staff helpfully brings things right up to the room, but for serenity there is Vella hour security.
  •   Air Conditioning
  •   Breakfast
  •   WiFi
  •   Cable TV
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