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Ski resort Chimgan known far in the area – this is not only unique ski slopes, but also an unforgettable grandeur of snow-capped mountains, sparkling in the sun. Get to Chimgan There are two roads, each of which is famous for its charms. Send by Galvasay River Valley will remain long in the memory of the surrounding nature splendor, a breathtaking and completely transforms the concept of conventional crops. But a stroll along the river Chirchik, you can get into the tea-house, located in the village of Khodjikent. It’s so old institution that has grown over it a tent formed canopy of plane trees.

While traveling along the mountain slopes, you can witness the cave paintings, broken hands of primitive people. A mountain rapids themselves are so attractive that they are coming to conquer the rock climbers from around the world. Experienced skiers know – to have time to drive need to catch a certain time among such beauty.Since December, the top of the mountain peaks start to conquer the intrepid tourists, but the second half of March, is already producing heat, which is accompanied by sticky, wet snow, it is not suitable for driving.

What emotions can cause a chairlift? As it turned out, they have no account. Trails are divided by color marking – black, red and blue pistes have a length of up to 1000 m, however this does not mean that the resort can visit only by experienced skiers.. Around the main square there are many areas for beginners, whose rise is facilitated lined ski-tows. Breaking the snow, enjoying the ringing purity of mountain air, you can plunge into the world of diverse recreation.

Saunas, kebab, discos, restaurants, cottages, national home, riding, racing on snowboards, shops and cafes – will remember what.

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