Traditional dumplings and cakes

The role of national ravioli perform well-known not only in Georgia “khinkali”. A special feature of this dish is its unusual shape. Unlike traditional dumplings, widespread in Europe, Georgian dumplings stuffed inside gather in small folds in beautiful bundles. To eat this dish should hand holding a bundle.


Traditional Georgian cakes, which are usually prepared exclusively from corn flour, called Mchadi. Make this dish can be on the coals or on a conventional home plate, but if you really want to enjoy the taste of mchadi, it is necessary to prepare them in special stone pans called ketsi. Recipe preparation of such cakes is very simple:

  • Apply a thin layer of dough on the bottom of the pan;
  • Close layer of dough very hot tin sheet;
  • Put a sheet over a hot coal;
  • Hold on a medium heat for about six dozen minutes.


If you decide to bake the cakes on a conventional pan, be sure to fry the dough from both sides. The cover can be used as a common closing member. Experienced cooks say that at home you can cook mchadi 2 times faster, but for the sake of high speed necessary to bring the taste of quality dishes. The resulting mchadi can be divided into two types:

  • Simple;
  • With the addition of different fillings are fried directly together with the dough, such as beans, cheese, and so forth.