Tours en Ouzbékistan

Uzbekistan sightseeing tour.

An interesting adventure awaits you in Uzbekistan! Travel will be unforgettable due to the colorful culture, oriental traditions and hospitality of the people. Travelling around Uzbekistan able to help you to get away from all the city sprawl and plunge into the fairy tale of the East. For 10 days in Uzbekistan you will see the ancient streets of Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and other cities, where each step will be full of masterpieces of architecture. As well as you’ll enjoy the bright colors of the eastern bazaars. You have an opportunity to know many interesting facts about ancient culture of Uzbekistan. Tours around the country of legendary Amir Temur will wonder you each day of travelling around Uzbekistan. Have you heard about oriental sweets and juicy fruits from Uzbekistan? Travel with Elite Tours will give you an opportunity to taste sunny fruits, healthy vegetables and fragrant berries.

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