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Khiva excursion trip — unique opportunity to go back in time. But is it possible? Of course, this city has retained its original appearance to our days. And the age of great heritage considered more than two thousand’n five hundred years. City historic center’s Ichan-Kala. It’d been here, where trade caravans passed, numerous bazaars had an abundance’o all sorts of goods. Khiva expedition off Moscow will cause incommensurable delight, amid travel fans. Walking down streets, your eyes could discern architecture masterpieces, constructed by mostly skilled wood masters, whose skills were transferred from generation to another for many centuries. Khiva traveling itinerary, can surely bring you to museum, situated near Kyzil Kum desert (red sand). All wooden elements of buildings, decorated with incredibly beautiful carving. Each pattern, has unique, antithetic ornament. Peregrination from Moscow, using Elite Tours International services would conquer each traveler’s heart with generous history, popular hospitality and melon varieties abundance.  

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