Restaurants and Cafes of Nukus

Restaurants and Cafes of Nukus offer a rich variety of dishes representing the mixture of traditions of national Uzbek, European, Russian and Caucasian cuisine. The most interesting for the guests of the city will become the national Karakalpak meals provided by a combination of meat with dough: beshbarmak manpar, manty (dumplings), noodle soup, samosa. In the restaurants of Nukus supporters of gastronomic experiments will discover new features of familiar dishes of Russian and European cuisine. The chefs of Nukus give unusual taste to such familiar dishes by using oriental spices and vegetables uncharacteristic for these dishes. Thanks to these innovations, the usual okroshka (cold Russian soup), Borsh (beetroot and cabbage soup), tenderized meat  acquire a unique shade of Uzbek cuisine.


Nukus will please both fans of the national colors and those simply wishing to move away from the traditional trip to restaurants, with a lot of outdoor cafes, where visitors are offered juicy kebabs and cold refreshing beer.