Today the game of paintball has become increasingly popular. This is not surprising, because during the game you can not only feel like an important member of the team, an element without which the entire chain will fall apart, but also enjoyably practice shooting and hitting targets outdoors, in infinite space, with a group of friends.


Paintball is equally popular both among women and among men. Therefore club « Legion » has become truly one of the most visited holiday destinations of most supporters of this active adrenaline filled game.


Having started from simple team competitions, the club members gradually expanded their capabilities by providing a choice of the following options of a battle for the guests -it can be either a single scenario or group. The group game offers the following missions that vary in stages of fullfilled tasks:



– PROGRAM of capture of the enemy flag, installation on its base;




In addition, during the mission a nurse whose role is very important for any player may be present, it was he, who after reaching the wounded friend can re-enter him in the fight. It is noteworthy that the other team has to try to destroy the nurse, in order to leave the enemy without medical assistance.


Singles games are divided into the following:

– Survivors (wall-to-wall);

– Search and Destroy (stalker).


You pay only for the balls, which are up to 125 pieces for the game. Therefore, for the convenience of players special packages with individual tariff plans have been set up. You can pay cash and non-cash, for example, with your cards UzKART DUET and On-Line cards.