Travel Georgia: a visual reminder for tourists

Despite the low level of life in the country, Georgia is a country where tourists can walk freely on the streets, even at night. Without any fear and you can go on a journey to distant parts of Georgia. It is necessary to comply with standard safety rules dictated by common sense:

  • Do not wear jewelry for a large number of walks;
  • Do not take all the money;
  • H and at what circumstances n e affect military 2008 conflict and collision between Abkhazia and Georgia;
  • Closely monitor his bag and valuables in crowded places.


Traveling around the country, remember and sanitary safety rules. If the road you torment thirst, it is better to give preference to mineral water, rather than the liquid of any open source. Almost every shop in Georgia, you can find a variety of brands of mineral water.


10 things that must be done in Georgia


Each country and the city has many associated customs or traditions that are necessary in order to rest was considered a truly memorable one. Their customs are and in Georgia:

  • Try to dance lezginka;
  • Buy a reproduction of Pirosmani painting;
  • Sip several varieties of the house wine;
  • Hone skills of eloquence when pronouncing toast;
  • Try a real kebab in the old part of Tbilisi;
  • A stay in an ancient monastery in settlements Gelati and Vardzia;
  • Relax on one of the Borjomi resorts;
  • A stay at the ski resorts of Gudauri or Bakuriani;
  • Go through the spring of Batumi;
  • Congress in Kutaisi to look at the remains of the ancient reptiles.


Strolling through the streets of big cities and small villages, remember that there are always glad good guests. Each resident will be ready to help you if necessary.Georgians are justly considered to be one of the most hospitable nations on the continent, characterized by a truly broad mind. Here, every element of culture: one glass of wine, each picture or toast – all filled with ancient history of this nation.



Georgia – a country of contrasts present, so it is not necessary to connect all your holidays exclusively with the natural diversity of the country. Many travelers who have developed the required 10 points to present a tourist in Georgia, saying that the only way to know the soul of this country.