Rest in Azerbaijan

Western and Eastern civilizations are closely intertwined and joined, like links of one chain, in a fiery and hospitable country of Azerbaijan. One of the main stops of the Great Silk Road in the past, the country today charms the inhabitants of the planet with its beautiful nature and unique sights. A reasonable price will allow us to equip even an incredible and at the same time cheap rest.

A unique collection of thousand-year archaeological monuments attracts to Azerbaijan not only tourists, but also many scientists of the world. Tourists stroll and study the history of mosques, fortresses, palaces inherited from local rulers. The symbol of the capital of the state of Baku, the historical and architectural reserve of the Baku Acropolis has a huge number of cultural and historical sights of the ancient people. Abandoned fortresses, ruins of castles, fortifications attract on the Apsheron peninsula. In this place is located the famous balneological resort Shikhovo. Its construction was carried out on hydrogen sulphide springs.

Azerbaijan is unique in the collection of nature, thanks to the simultaneous presence of 9 climatic zones. In the world of all 11. This gives people the opportunity to see in one country an amazing collection of the nature of the planet in all its diversity: rivers, waterfalls, mineral springs, medicinal oil. Across the country, oil is everywhere from under the ground, gas is seen. Treatment in Naftalan is associated with glazing the suffering from the heels to the very tips of the ears with black gold. One of their exotic regions of the country is very remarkable – the Talysh Mountains region, the subtropics of the neighboring forests are more familiar to us: mixed and flowering with broad foliage.

Tourists and residents of Azerbaijan prefer rest, both off the coast of the Caspian Sea, and in Gabala, Guba, Shamakhi. They have a highly developed tourism infrastructure. There are many hotels in Azerbaijan, boarding houses. Interesting tourist routes are aimed at acquaintance with the natural masterpieces of the country and the improvement of tourists. Rest in Azerbaijan in the mountains with amazing natural scenery or at sea is very much available. Weekly cost of the holiday will cost approximately one vacationer – 250-300 AZN. Well, not a cheap tour.