Shopping & Shopping

Everyone who arrives in Baku is interested in the issue of the operating mode of the stores. The city center comes to life at exactly nine in the morning and is still active until late in the evening, the outskirts prefers to retire before the hours of seven or eight. In markets or seasonal fairs, the lowest prices. The shopping street and the old city of Baku, as well as the modern closed market of Sharg Bazary offer to buy handicrafts, ceramics, local silk. In the suburbs of Baku, named after Nardaran, expensive carpet masterpieces are sold. Inexpensive carpets can be bought in the center of weaving carpets, and of excellent quality, as well as in specialized stores. And, of course, the famous national game of Azerbaijan, which is played here from young to old – backgammon, can be bought everywhere. And also tourists buy souvenirs from the most famous caps-aerodromes, utensils from various metals.

To edible souvenirs it is worth to show interest: black caviar, Baku baklava, spices, aromatic herbs. By the way, Azerbaijani caviar is now in great price. In the course of “cash”, which you need to have in your pocket, but you can even calculate in some stores American dollars. Sometimes there is a problem with paying for credit cards. Most of the goods in the stores are imported from Turkey. The museum and restaurant complex Karavan-Sarai is a popular place for souvenirs Baku. Silk handkerchiefs-scarves of kelagai, socks of jorabs (knitted), shoes without backs, charms (embroidered), sleeveless curds, small rugs – all these products can be purchased in a well-known complex.

Tents with souvenirs and shopping centers sell a huge variety of different products (panels, coins, copper, bronze, ceramic kitchen utensils, cups, tea armum, carved wooden, clay figurines, figures in national costumes of mugham masters). On the advice of tourists, of souvenirs can be divided into 5 main types: carpets, cups-armuidu, cherry jam, tablecloth with buta, copper dishes. From edible souvenirs and gifts, pomegranate sauce (narsharab), baklava, nougou, shaker-bour and others are purchased. Popular wine products include: wine of 7 beauties, Chinar, Sadylly, Aqstafa, Gyuzel, Ogni Baku, cognac Old Baku, Nagshi-Jahan, Ganja, Gek-Gel and others. You need to keep a check if you decide to treat yourself to exquisite black caviar, and not here, but already at home. And the cost of souvenirs is not off scale, for example, carpets and jewelry can compete with goods from Uzbekistan, prices and quality are about the same.