Khorezm Palace

4 明星
Urgench, Al-Beruni Street, 2 Landmark: Central Department Store

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Hotel Khorezm Palace is situated on Al-Beruni Street, 2 of Urgench city of Uzbekistan. The ancient city of Khiva, one of the main stopovers on The Silk Road, is located not far and can be reached in a quarter of an hour. Also near the hotel there is a cultural center, an art gallery and a few meters Central Department Store and a market.

Khorezm Palace offers 64 single rooms, 37 twin/double rooms and 2 deluxe rooms. All of them are equipped with modern furniture, paid internet, cable TV and telephone lines. Also, in each room the hotel provides a minibar for personal use.

The restaurant offers dishes of European and national cuisine and on hot days you can enjoy your dinner in a summer cafe. Lovely ladies will appreciate the service of the beauty salon. Men will appreciate a huge parking lot and a billiards club.

The Khorezm Palace also has a large swimming pool in its courtyard. You can also use the hotel safe and foreign currency can be exchanged inside the building in the exchange office. It is worth remembering that you have to pay extra for the laundry and porter services.


  •   Air Conditioning
  •   Breakfast
  •   Cable TV
A Dell UltraSharp monitor

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