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In Andijan on Babur Prospect, 53, in the business center (the second and third floors) Hamkor hotel is arranged. 26 rooms, made in the European style are, kindly waiting for its guests. Fitted with elegant furnishings, they are spacious, cozy and very comfortable, but their main advantage lies in the fact that they have a modern DVD-system, a small bar and other equipment greatly facilitating both work and leisure increasing comfort.


Hamkor often hosts meetings and conferences at various levels. Therefore, for these activities a spacious conference room can be booked. Great importance is attached to the smooth operation of the climate control, as more than two hundred participants gather for the workshops and seminars. It also provides all the necessary equipment – multimedia projector, audio devices, high-speed Internet, and more. Also on this site there is restaurant Manzara, which is known in the city of its observation deck, which opens a truly magnificent view of the beauty of Andijan. To the table of guests dishes of European and national cuisine are served.

  •   Air Conditioning
  •   Breakfast
  •   WiFi
  •   Cable TV
Single standard room
Single standard room
Max 2
Double standard room
Double standard room
Max 1
A Dell UltraSharp monitor

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