3 明星
92 M. Kashgar str. Samarkand ,city center

45.00 $/晚

Hotel Arba is situated In Samarkand. Built a few years ago, it has perfectly joined current trends (Jacuzzi, fire alarm system, underfloor heating, central heating, electromagnetic locks) with the decor of the national heritage (this is especially visible in the elements of ornaments). Visitors can use the international phone, and the rooms have mini-bars, which are filled at the discretion of the guest. The rooms are cleaned every day, three times a week changing linen on the bed. However, if the laundry is dirty quickly, it can be put into the laundry room. The reception is open full day – early check-ins and late check-outs are paid accordingly). Also in Arba there is always a doctor who you can be called directly to the room. Drinks can be brought to your room. But to dine or spend the evening eating your food is better at the restaurant Old Arba – here in abundance are the dishes of Uzbek and European cuisines. The hall is divided into two areas, any of which can be used for private banquets or conferences.

Double standard room
Double standard room
Max 2
Single standard room
Single standard room
Max 1
A Dell UltraSharp monitor

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