Park named after 28 Panfilov Guardsmen – the memory of the fallen heroes of the Great Patriotic War

A more scenic and popular among Almaty people is green space than Park named twenty-eight Panfilov Guardsmen, hard to find in the southern capital of Kazakhstan. The more that wander through the shady alleys, hiding a bright sun in the shade of intertwined branches of oaks, aspens and elms, enjoying succulent pine aroma of pines and firs – it is an old and good tradition, nomadic from generation to generation. The first trees were planted here in the late nineteenth century, and they framed the cemetery of the village, for which the garden and got a little grim name Starokladbischenskogo. Now the area is an impressive eighteen acres overflowing emerald lake on the map metropolis. Ideal straight track park, allowing to wander, not knowing fatigue and boredom. Often there are also visitors from other countries, such as Uzbekistan, the price is more than attractive.


One of the first buildings appeared in the territory, and some magic extant – it’s Ascension Cathedral, at the dedication of Turkestan who called Sofia. He decorated the park in 1908. And in 1913, the park overflowed with bright colors and painted the agricultural and industrial exhibition. This event created a well-known architect Zemtsov project and decorated, following it, the park forty three diverse pavilions. In the shade of the trees were real yurts, where any visitor could be curious to see a lot of exhibits that tell about the history, culture of Kazakhstan, a surprising mastery of its artists and artisans, sample local dishes, and just to see the real tent inside and out. Later in the surrounding buildings had the first power line that changed the face of evening park beyond recognition. The tour operators of Kazakhstan are advised to walk along the paths of the park the evening and try to imagine it.


Up to forty-two years of the last century changed the name of the park, as well as the leaves, with depressing regularity. While dramatic, and which brought a lot of pride in the bitter family capital’s residents not incident shocked the whole country. That gave it a new name of the park, which is hardly someone to decide to change. However, to submit their favorite sons of parents of Almaty and Bishkek in the distant and the blazing lights of the forty-first did not even know about it. Yesterday the boys who failed to pass the military service, but more abundantly endowed with courage and fortitude, the November chilly winds have been abandoned to the front in the Volokolamsk district. 1075 Regiment 312th Infantry Division was ordered to defend Moscow in the battle against fascist forces. More than a month before frost of December, they desperately fought and died, overwhelmed by waves of enemy forces, surpasses them, as well as in number (5 times) and in the level of armaments. As a result, almost all the men were killed, and the memory of future generations was a memorable feat of twenty-eight Panfilov.


Not only has the name of the park preserved the memory of this feat, and about the war in general. The thirtieth anniversary of the victory in the war decided to coincide with the opening of the monument, giving at his disposal in the central part of the city sights. To embody the memory of stone images, sculptors used the form of triptych. Left picture, which he called “The Oath”, tells the story of his youth Kazakh fighters traveling to fight, right, “trumpeting the glory of” rejoicing the victory, and the central, “feat” carve images of heroes who are ready to sacrifice their lives in the war.


There is a park and Memory Alley, where the names of 28 fallen asleep on the obelisk, and the letters light up the flame glare Eternal Flame. These inhabitants of the city in a memorable day bring flowers, remembering and honoring those twenty-eight, as well as many other soldiers, and did not return to their homes.


In addition, in the park there is a monument to war, who fell in the battles of the Afghan war and other majestic, but in many ways sad monuments. The quiet beauty of nature green waves quenches sorrow, leaving the memory and hope. A shady alleys, winding, lead to other buildings, which have absorbed its appearance and spirit, different times and eras. As Faithful islands, framed by emerald cloth Park, frozen pearls of architecture abroad nineteenth and twentieth centuries  Ascension Cathedral and the beautiful House of Officers. Perhaps a visit to the park cannot be attributed solely to entertainment pastime in the modern sense, but walks here bring unprecedented calm and help absorb the peace and quiet, as well as the harmony of planning and carefully picked up the palette of plants. To enjoy the voyage on foot along the paths, you just find a hotel Kazakhstan , nearby.


The park was rebuilt many times, changing its appearance, green mirror reflecting the image of the era, incorporating new features, reshaping or dust erasing old. But only one thing consistently – it just beckons here tired of the bustle of the city streets of people, just fascinates them openwork ligature of branches that twist around slim line design avenues. If you are looking for last minute to Almaty, you should schedule a visit to the late spring to enjoy all the beauty of the green areas of the city.