Tbilisi funicular transport became a legend

Not every form of public transport can boast its popularity beyond a certain city, but Tbilisi funicular is an excerpt from the rule. For the first time, he began work in 1905, becoming in a short time, not just a quick way to get from the center of the Georgian capital of Mount St. David, but also unrivaled tourist attraction.

Each cable car stations were equipped with observation platforms, allowing you to enjoy an unforgettable view of the city. Every year a great number of tourists were here from a variety of countries, enabling Tbilisi funicular become part of the famous works of Ilf and Petrov.

More on the stages of construction, local officials and the newspapers were predicting a significant increase in the cost of land on Mount St. David. All this has created not just a form of public transport, including three stations, and a new way for a secular holiday:

  • On top of the mountain created a large amusement park;
  • The intermediate station is used for the restaurant.

A truly sad day in the life of Tbilisi funicular is necessary to consider the summer of 2000, when after a cable break cable car stopped at the age of thirteen. Only by the middle of 2014, it opened its doors, recovering after a long renovation. Today in one booth can accommodate up to eight people.