Russian Drama Theater named after Griboyedov

The end of the XIX century was marked in Georgia “Golden Age” for the whole of the national culture. It was at this time in the country are actively creating new paintings, poems, stories, unique architectural monuments built, and people are beginning to actively attend the theater. The first performances were staged in private homes, where young, but very talented actors, appreciative audience pleased with his skill. Such small productions have helped not only to involve the greatest possible number of inhabitants of the country to the theater arts, but also to open a lot of new names.


The turning point for the Georgian national theater


Date September 20, 1845 has a special place in theatrical history of Tbilisi and throughout Georgia. That same day, the deputy head of the city, Prince Vorontsov contributed to the opening of the first full-fledged theater. People who are accustomed to quality drama and no less than the professional setting, bought tickets to the premiere of a few hours.


The success of the first productions was so overwhelming that all subsequent years, the question of the extra ticket not even arise. Each was accompanied by a statement of the same notice. During the first 4 months of the work of the theater workers are given more than a hundred performances. At this stage various performances put their playwrights:

  • Tovstonogov ;
  • Meyerhold ;
  • Nemirovich-Danchenko ,
  • Yermolov ;
  • Fomenko and others .


The fate of the theater, began its history on an elevated note, ended rather ingloriously. With the advent of Muravyova theater falls into disgrace, and the actors themselves are fired. For more than four decades in Tbilisi will only put a small repertory. To revive the legendary theater only February 8, 1901, when put on its stage “Woe from Wit”.


The revival of the old theater


Over the next few years on the scene Griboyedov Theater will go Yablochkin, Petipa, Savin, Komissarzhevskaya and so on. Despite the demand for theater and high professional level of actors, the modern name he received only in mid-October 1934. Today, this temple of art offers classical works and a variety of creative experiments, which use the same success with the public.


Theatre Success is largely a merit of the director, a position which for many years took Avtandil Varsimashvili. Many theater-goers and representatives of literary critics note a unique look and style director, able not just to read and feel the soul of the work. To the list of the most memorable performances of his works include the following:

  • Emile Zola – “Therese Raquin “;
  • Mikhail Bulgakov – “The Master and Margarita”;
  • Fyodor Dostoevsky – “Mild”, “Notes from the Dead house»
  • Anton Chekhov – “The Cherry Orchard”;
  • Agatha Christie and so on.


Theatrical performances always enjoy continued popularity


Many residents of large cities prefer to hike in the theater watching performances at home, but the Georgians have not lost the ability to enjoy the magnificent theater directing. Griboyedov Theater enjoys continued popularity among guests and locals, which speaks and collective ability to find common language with the audience.


special place in the repertoire devoted to young viewers who comes here with great pleasure. To get to the theater can be on the subway or bus. Stops are located in the immediate vicinity of the theater building.