Capital Theatre Rezo Gabriadze

For those who prefer a more measured rest, in the Georgian capital, there are many cultural institutions, such as Theater Rezo Gabriadze. His name was given in honor of one of the world’s most famous Georgian artists. It is believed that it is from this human activity is linked flowering of Georgian theater culture. If you want a closer look at his legacy, any tour operator in Georgia is ready to provide you with this assistance.


The date of the official foundation of the theater is the year 1981. First play, gave the theater the national love became “Alfred and Violetta”. After her with no less success with the public we are gone “our Autumn Spring”, “Ramona” and so on. Subsequently, when the theater opened the building of the puppet theater. Special attention should be paid not only to the repertoire and the interior of the theater, but also his appearance. For example, going to the theater on the part of the prospectus, you can not help but notice the unique in its design of the turret clock.


In the vicinity of the theater is a cafe that allows viewers to snack during intermission. He, like the theater itself opened Rezo Gabriadze. He wanted to cafes reigned the same sublime atmosphere, as in the theater. Every year, this cafe is visited by thousands of visitors from around the world, enjoying not only the excellent food and service, but also a great view from the terrace.