Issak Khodja

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г. Хива, ул. А.Рахманова, 70 Ориентир: недалеко от ворот Ата-Дарвоза
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A few dozen meters from the gates of the Ata-Darvoza, once served as the entrance to the Ichan Kala fortress (the khan’s residence), worth two-storey building of the hotel «Issak Khodja». Above the top floor is built a large covered wooden veranda. Nearby attractions can be treated with it or out of the house windows. A favorite finishing material premises is natural wood.


The main part of the room, or rather 13 are doubles, and the only one designed for one. In the 14 rooms has its own bathroom with a shower. Service complements the refrigerator, central heating, fleeing from the cold in winter and plus to it all-season conditioning. On the table is a small TV with satellite TV. Fixed telephone in the room allows you to communicate with your family and yourself to call a taxi. If you do not want to contact the administrator, and delivery of return tickets can be ordered.


In «Issak Khodja» There is a small restaurant and cafe on the outdoor terrace. Depending on the temperature and weather, breakfast is served in the dining room or on the street. If you do not want to go, without surcharge morning meal delivered to your room. On the home kitchen cook any dish for you, just be forewarned.


Visit administrator will have guests who need Internet connection, as well as those who want a safe for your personal belongings. As a paid service in the hotel will provide you with a guide to local attractions, as well as the vehicle for the delivery to the station or to the airport.


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