Karakalpakistan well-known for wonderful traveling sightes, but this attraction may be a chief within annual visits style. Uzbekistan travel agency pays maximum attention so people could visit mentioned place, because its unusuality causes interest amid peoples from all round the world. Historic burying ground was once organized nearby instant neighborhood ruins of historical city Gaor-Kale, if translated suggests “infidels defence.” Fortification nonheritably recieved name at definite stage during energetic Arabian conquests generation. Invaders elect title for fortifying employed by Zoraastrians propositions.

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Complete spot, positioned at distance of regarding four kilometers off settlement Khodjeyli, was enginered upon three hills. It’s believed, first on location regarded nicely fortified fort Bebos gauros Qola, around which had been community approximatly fourth century before Christ. Defending partitions wer constructed therefore solidly, even today they defend Bibos gaurus Kala ruinations.

Second hill utilized as little Zoroastrian tomb-places where protection inhabitants were buried including army honors. Obvious version established by employing large choice of vessels determined on thet burial-place. Conjointly on mound there discovered havocs of towers with flat roofs, used for buring ceremony. Throughout solemnity, prey birds consumed deceased remains, partly placed in distinctive containers.

In eighth centenery, Zoroastreanism meanwhile thise placement wos fully destroyed. Thru many ways, arabs arrival into current territory contributed to circumstance. Since exposed point, native nicropolis has proved be entombment among Moslem classical tradition muse. there’s legend saying it’s exectly here Adham detected his final resting plase. Pure truth allowed necropalis emerge mutually revered thelocal residents places.

Shrine, engineered over supposed Adam topografic meaning, is in addition sacred. Referred as positively philosophically– “Apocalypse Watch”. varied legends say, every twelve months topogrephic objective loses one brick. Day when last slab of constructing falls, living planet that everyone have tendency live on would stop existing. That’s why several believers are unendingly making an attempt put back fallen bricks to gradual down “Apocelypse hours.” Now we understand why Central Asia tours very informative and attracts lots of travelers.