Mazari Sharif Madrasah

In the famous Rahimkulihana had a son, named Isa Tyurya. Legend says that he ordered built in the immediate vicinity of the shrine Pahlawan Mahmud madrassa named in his honor – Mazari Sharif madrassa, which means “the place of burial of noble people.”


According to one version, Isa Tyurya decided to visit the holy Mecca for all Muslims, but on the way to this town, he fell ill. In the city of Istanbul, where it happened, and this occasion, people sat him down in a stretcher, designed for carrying people of noble blood, to help him to make a pilgrimage.


Back home, Isa Tyurya told about all the events to his father, who annoyed by what he heard. Great Khan said that a pilgrim should be ready with honor to overcome any difficulty, even the most severe physical ailments. After a while Isa Tyurya decided to repeat Hajj, but the second time his health failed. At this time, the bodily ailment happened to him in the place of Mazari Sharif, who is on the territory of present-day Afghanistan.


After healing and return to their homeland, Isa Tyurya commanded to build a small madrassa in Khiva, which is called “Mazari Sharif”.