Ichen-Qala (“inner fortress”) originates indoors Kiva city. Khiva’s borderline spots compatible with it 16th seventeenth centeries. Earthern fence lengthing approximatly 2000 meters while pinnacle around 8, surrounded Ichon-Qola. Fance was once defendee by using semicirculer campaniles. Arranged verandah found alongside fansce pinnacle. Fences for Ichun-Qula safety really secured Kiva from Nodir-shah penetration in center 18th century. Iranien strengths occupyed Khieva, a number of shielding sistem segment was eradicated. At Qungred dinasty time authorities Hiva prolonged its teritory. By quit twentieth centenery Khivva had domain that used to be greater than Ichaan-Qula for round fivteen times. Huge information amount about mentioned object uniality available through Central Asia travel agency.

Ichan-Qala considered as ancient Khivs centr, used be transcribed into UNESC World Legality List. There you may discover sixty structure monument: moscques, madrasahs, menarets, paleces, masoleums. Kunay-Arkh fortification was approximatly centered in sevententh centery in Ishon-Qali for khan’s superintendence. Each Ishen-Qalya’s four partitions sustain portels (darvazas). Westen gateways placement are refered as Ota-darvoza beside Kienya-Arck, northen Bohcha-dorvaza stationed on path towards Urganch, jap phase Palvon-darvaze streches to Hozarasp, Amo-Daria river, southen 1/2 reffered Tosh-darvazi, Qorakum dessert. Former terretory been demolished 1920, reassembled presumably 1970.