Kirghizstan residents are ardent supporters of traditional gastronomy. They managed to keep most ancestral secrets. Meat is the main component for any dish. Basically they use horse meat, lamb, beef, poultry and wild animals’ game.

The main Kirghiz people dish stays beshbarmak, which consists off chopped boiled lamb, then add fatty broth and noodles.  A similar recipe can be found in kulchitay course but meat sizes different also boiled dough, which cut into squares then added into kulchitay.


Information for real gourmets

 For Kyrgyz people chi-chak is delicacy representing horse sausage. Furthermore, somsa, gorskiyde, others are very popular. Nowadays, any restaurant complexes as Kyrgyzstan tour operators say, offers taste meals that have many centuries history.

This kitchen appears as combination over local featuring neighboring gastronomic schools.

State located at the intersection of major trade roads not without borrowing meals from other cuisines. So, local cooks began prepare dishes with tomatoes, onions, cabbage, cucumbers.


Dairy dishes have not lost their relevance. 

 Milk products occupy special place on Kirgiz table. Most among dairy products residents consume cheese. In most cases, it appears eaten without drinking liquid.  Additionally, guests can enjoy numerous drinks, made from milk that will help quench thirst either give strength. Here comes, above all, koumiss.

Daily diet includes flour products.

Housewives cook various flour staff, which basis stays classic dough including: choymo tokoch cookies, boorsoks, pancakes, tortillas, regular troche.

These entire yummy populations wash down with a cup of black or green tea. Note that unusual additives like sour cream, butter, salt featuring other ingredients added to tea.

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